Deciding on a Flippable Mattress

When choosing an orthopedic mattress, the decision should be based on your individual preferences and also to your weight, growth, and age, lifestyle and health condition.

Let’s take a look at each parameter more detailed.


The older you are the softer mattress you need.

A person could still be growing up to approximately 27 years old. To ensure the skeleton and muscles are correctly formed while sleeping, a good fixation is necessary. A firm surface contributes to this. Therefore, it is best for teenagers and young people to use a medium-firmness or firm variants.

After 27 years the organism has stopped growing, meaning it should be chosen in accordance with personal preferences and health condition.

The key choice for people over 50 years is its comfortability. The model should be soft, have a visible orthopedic effect and good support the body position during sleep.

Body Weight

The best variant for adults with weight equal to till 60 kg is the product with a medium degree of firmness.

Any of models are suitable for the people with weight from 60 to 90 kg.

The mattresses of high firmness should be selected by people who weigh more than 90 kg.

Upon that do not forget to take into account the age. After 50 years, it is undesirable to sleep on a firm sleeping area even if the body weight is heavy.

Mode of Life and Health Condition

If you do sports or daily face significant physical exertion, a firm mattress will help you keep fit.

It is better to choose the firmest model if you suffer from spinal or back pain. Therefore when feelings of pain are seldom, consider the softer models.

Alternatively – a double-sided mattress allows you to select the degree of firmness depending on preferences and circumstances. With chronic diseases, during the post-traumatic and post-operative periods, make your decision only after a consultation with a doctor.

But what can you do, if you need a mattress of medium firmness and also soft mattress, for instance? In that situation, a perfect solution is a mattress that can be flipped. Its construction is very practical because you buy one product and as a result receive the advantages of two.

Orthopedic Flippable Mattress – Two Different Sides

When choosing an orthopedic double-sided mattress the firmness will be the main aspect which influences your final decision. Yet you may not seek a compromise, but purchasing the product with two sides which have different degrees of the resilience. It means that in order to make it firmer, you should only flip it to one side.

The firmness is made of the following materials:

- Coconut coir is purified dry fibers of the cocoa-nut processed with latex;

- Thermal fiber is a layer of felt compressed by high temperature.

The fillers are organic and are able to evenly distribute the load. They improve the orthopedic degrees of the double-sided mattress.

The opposite side displays the more softness and has increased orthopedic features. The materials can perfectly take the form of a body making the rest more comfortable. The temperature of a body can also be controlled. As fillers, the following materials are used frequently:

- Memory Foam within the mattress is foam with “memory effect”. It may take a form of a sleeping person, arranges under his temperature.

- Latex is a natural material. It has an excellent resilience and responsiveness.

Even with minimal layers of these materials (approximately 3cm) influence on the mattress of two-sided firmness qualities.

The manufacturers took this into account and came up with the double-sided sleeping mattress which gives an opportunity without additional financial expenses.

Double Sided Mattresses – for both Winter & Summer

The most in-demand products are the mattresses that can be flipped with the sides “winter-summer”. Such an effect is contributed with the wool and cotton. In winter period the wool provides with feelings of the warmth and coziness, and in summer the cotton absorbs the excessive moisture making the sleeping area comfortable. The comprising two sleeping places are padded and stitched with these materials.

The side “winter” is often made from latex. It may be natural or artificial, but compulsory perforated. Sometimes there is an additional polyurethane layer or the non-woven fabric is used.

The covers for these models are of course double-sided too. For winter side the non-woven textile which keeps the heat is applied. For summer side covering the natural coconut coir which creates the required firmness is necessary.

Amongst the non-woven fabric, sheep wool is in great demand; its hygiene and absorbability improve the quality. On the summer side, the material should not only absorb the moisture but also be breathable. The natural cotton and jacquard (woven pattern) possess these features to the full extent.

Dos & Don’ts: